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Dear Theatre Director:

This is a follow-up message to the message I sent Oct. 1 with an overview of the Theatre season

Registration Open

Registration for one-act entries as well as Thespian Excellence Awards (Individual Events) can now be accessed from the blue "Register/Update" button on the Theatre Contests page.  A few notes/updates:

  • We have added some additional light orange FAQs based on questions that have arisen in the past few days.
  • We ask for entries to be registered by October 14 (but if you need more time, please let me know), so we can plan for the window of district adjudication that will happen Oct. 28-Nov. 2.
  • Schools who haven't named adjudicators will be assessed a $100 fee per uncovered one-act adjudicator (1 required per one-act) and $75 per uncovered Thespy adjudicator. Schools may use the same individual to cover both assignments, as long as they follow-through on the time commitment. Each adjudication commitment involves about 3 hours of time; one-act adjudicators must also record one oral response per commitment.  
  • We ask all adjudicators to take the new, free, and entirely online Theatre Adjudicator Training course, which including the viewing and evaluation of a full one-act production, should take about 90 minutes. Individuals who successfully complete the assessment (evaluation of recorded one-act) will be certified and will receive a certificate documenting 2 hours of professional development contact time.
  • Before Oct. 21, we will send registered directors information on how to upload district entry videos from Oct. 21-27. That system is still being finalized with our vendor. 

We are excited to see the innovative work you and your students are producing! 

Most warmly,

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Adam Jacobi, Executive Director

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